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The Ultimate Trading Platform Solution.

Introducing HS Trader, The Future of Trading Technology.

With a focus on simplicity, speed, and an intuitive user experience.

our Products

HS Trader - The Ultimate Trading Platform Solution

crafted to meet the needs of both traders and brokers.

HS Trader's Client Web Application

For a seamless trading experience with the look and feel of a desktop application, accessible directly from your browser. Designed for traders who demand speed and simplicity.

HS Trader Mobile Application

Stay connected and in control with the HS Trader Mobile Application. Our mobile app ensures you have access to your trading account on the go.

Admin Web Application

HS Trader empowers brokers with complete control over their trading environment. With a desktop-like experience on the web, manage your brokerage operations effortlessly.

SDK – Software Development Kit

HS Trader SDK is designed to integrate seamlessly with the HS Trader platform, providing developers with powerful tools to create custom applications and services.

Unlock the Future of Trading

With the Ultimate Solution                                  

HS Trader - The Ultimate Trading Platform Solution Simple,Fast and User-friendly

Driven by micro service technologies /  Real-time Sync, easu connectivity, and integration

The Revolution in Trading Platforms

Why Choose HS Trader

it’s a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and enhance your trading experience.

No Software Installation

Start immediately, without the need for complex setups.

Intuitive and Easy to Learn

Our user-friendly design ensures a smooth learning curve.

Ultra-Fast and low-latency

The speed you need to capitalize on every market opportunity

Scalable and Robust

Supports up to 10,000 active clients with default settings.

Comprehensive Data Compatibility:

Import orders, deals, and positions effortlessly.

In-App Support

Receive unparalleled support directly within the platform.

Have any questions?

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